Since the devil was judged after deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden, he knew that the seed of the woman would seal his defeat. While Jesus is the seed that sealed the defeat of the devil on the cross of Calvary, the devil turned his enmity to all women. The devil has fought the greatness of women since the beginning. The Messiah came through a woman and he hates the women. He knows the capacity that women have to give birth to great destinies that can destroy his kingdom.

One of the greatest operations of the devil to humiliate women is to strip them naked. He is behind any fashion that exposes women instead of clothing them. There is nothing beautiful about a naked woman in public; it is satanic humiliation. Sadly, most women do not understand this and they dress after a fashion that exemplifies the devil’s attack against their destiny. You are more than just a female body; there is a divine destiny and purpose attached to your life!

When you existed as a spirit before the Father in heaven, it was the destiny that God had for you that determined which body you needed to fulfil that destiny. The mother of Jesus could never have been a man. God gave you a female body and you became a woman primarily because that is the body fitted for your destiny. The lie and deception of the devil is to make you believe that the female is inferior but you must not fall for that lie of the devil. Just like an orange is not inferior to a mango, a woman is not inferior to a man in divine design.


PRAYER: Lord, I embrace Your purpose for me as a woman (men should pray for the women in their lives - wife, daughter, sister, and so on.). I thank You because I am not inferior; I am only different. I embrace the uniqueness in my destiny according to divine design in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEARJoshua 3:1-4:24, Luke 14:7-35, Psalm 80:1-19, Proverbs 12:27-28