Slave trade was the devil’s masterstroke to truncate the destiny of the black race. He knew that if he could make the black man lose his identity, he would believe the lie of being a second-rated human being. Just as you cannot say a white coloured Mercedes Benz E230 is better than a black coloured one, you cannot say any race is better than the other.

To show the destiny of the black man, the children of Israel almost lost their way to the Promised Land, until Moses called his father-in-law, a black man, to lead them in the way.  At birth, God ordered the preservation of Jesus in Egypt. On the way to the cross to redeem the human race, it was a black man that helped the Lord Jesus—Simon of Cyrene (present day Libya). He carried the cross for our Master for the rest of the journey when He was exhausted. 

If you are a black man reading this, YOU ARE NOT INFERIOR TO ANY OTHER RACE! The truth is that you may have the most potent spiritual eternal force of the five races. Research has proven that, if given equal opportunity and a level playing field, the black man excels. The fact that one out of every five black men in Africa is a Nigerian shows the collective destiny of Nigerians. Nigeria may be a mockery today due to corruption, but every time you see something wrong beyond measure, the devil is perverting a destiny there. Nigeria needs godly effective leadership, a leader that it is in his destiny to lead Nigeria to her greatness in every sector and at every level.


PRAYER: Lord, I refuse every operation of racial barriers against my destiny. I embrace the truth that you are no respecter of persons. I will become all that You have called me to be in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEARDeuteronomy 34:1-Joshua2:24, Luke 13:22-14:6, Psalm 79:1-13, Proverbs 12:26