How do you know someone is repentant? It is when he stops the act and not that he cries – anyone can fake a cry. If you know what repentance does to God, you will love to repent. I’m not saying you should go to sin so that you can repent, but if you repent genuinely you will enjoy a rare kind of mercy from God. Repentance is not remorse. 

David repented when God sent the prophet to him after he killed Uriah. He did not give excuse or try to explain himself out. He said, “I have sinned against the Lord.” No wonder God loved this man! When you return and you change, God will always have mercy. God may intend to destroy you, but at the point at which you change, that is the point where you find mercy. 

Jonah knew that if Nineveh repented, God would change His mind; that was why he didn’t want to go. That is how God works. The interesting part of the story was that Jonah also disobeyed God and had to repent later. At the point you start disobeying God and doing your own things, the move of God shuts down in your life. 

However, repentance opens the windows of heaven upon you. When you repent genuinely, God visits your life again and He behaves as if nothing happened and that makes you a true worshipper. Repentance renews divine workings in your life. It brings you back into the centre of your prophecy and what God is doing on the earth. That is how His mercy works, but you must ensure you are not making a practice of sin (Read Hebrews 10:26 Amplified Bible).


PRAYER: Lord, I thank you for the provision of repentance, I do not take it lightly. I embrace this provision in Jesus’ name. Amen!


BIBLE IN A YEARDeuteronomy 4:1-49, Luke 6:39-7:10, Psalm 68:1-18, Proverbs 11:28