The last lesson on songs as a component of true worship is that you need to take time to understand songs that take you deeper in God. God is sending many great songs through the spirit of many genuine Christians and you should memorise the songs that usher you into God’s presence. Sing to worship and not just for singing sake. Sing to follow a worship flow in your heart. Don’t go from worship to what is not worship even though you are still signing. When you do this, you bring yourself back and most times, many worship leaders bring the people of God back.  When you do this, it is similar to a plane cruising at several thousand metres above sea level but suddenly falls from the sky. 

As you sing, your posture, your actions and your countenance are all part of your worship. Let your actions be based on the revelation you have in your heart. Sometimes, you can’t just see yourself standing before the Lord and you kneel in worship. At other times kneeling doesn’t seem enough and you lie on your face before him. Sometimes you may be on your feet but fully focused on the Lord. Let your posture be an act of your personal worship to your father, not copying a friend. 

Always bear in mind that worship is a personal affair between you and the Lord; honour, adorations and praises should flow from your heart to the throne of mercy.


PRAYER: Lord, take me deeper in love than I have ever been before. How I long to be deeper in love with You in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEARNumbers 21:1-22:20, Luke 1:26-56, Psalm 57:1-11, Proverbs 11:9-11