The first component of true worship are the words you use; the actual content of your worship. Where you get the words you are using in worship will reveal whether you know the God you are worshipping or not. You cannot worship God correctly or truly without knowing the words that He has spoken about Himself.

Beware of adulterating the worship due to our heavenly Father because you want to go traditional. Some people have sang songs and chanted praises (called “ewi” in the Yoruba language) using words that were essentially dedicated to false gods in Yoruba mythology. These people may even dance in ways that imitate the traditions of strange idols and every believer must ensure that they are not adulterating worship in a bid to be cultural. This is one of the reasons the Body of Christ is losing true worship and missing the move of the Holy Ghost in worship. 

True worshippers source their words from the Bible. Malachi 3:6 and many other scriptures tell us what God has said about Himself and it is proper to use these same words to extol Him. You can lift up your hands and declare, “You are the Lord, You change not.” The Holy Spirit will bring words from your Bible study as you set your heart to worship the Lord.


PRAYER: Holy Spirt, I permit you to lead me to worship accurately with the Word in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEARNumbers 8:1-9:23, Mark 13:14-37, Psalm 50:1-23, Proverbs 10:29-30