Your third financial obligation is PARTNERSHIP. Your partnership should be a regular portion of your income that goes to support the work of God in your church. You should give towards major projects that are going on in church because that is one of the ways that God commands harvest your way. Be a consistent partner with the vision that is ongoing in your church. Philippians 4:19 is not a verse to be claimed by just any Christian but by one that is involved in partnership- with divine project or with the anointing (just as Paul was in the passage).

Your fourth financial obligation should be any OTHER PERIODIC PROJECT that comes up from time to time in your church. Always be a part of every project that is going on whether it is big or small. If your Pastor says there is need for certain items in church, if you cannot buy all, get what you can do at your level; but never allow yourself to be excluded from projects going on in your church. 

DON'T ABUSE YOUR LOCAL CHURCH FINANCIALLY. Don't spend money that is kept in your care thinking you will return it when you have the money; because when you spend God's money kept in your care, you lose the trust of heaven for any serious thing in the future. Don't go secretly behind the Pastor to start raising funds from church members. Be very careful because church is not about your Pastor but it is about Jesus Christ the head of the church.


PRAYER: Lord, I receive the grace to partner with my substance in what you are doing in my church. I will not be an onlooker but a faithful partner in Jesus’ name. Amen.


BIBLE IN A YEARLeviticus 15:1-16:28, Mark 7:1-23, Psalms 40:11-17, Proverbs 10:13-14