The Lord showed me that there are at least 36 Duties of a pastor and I put them down in a book with the same title. In order for your church membership to be profitable, you should get more than preaching on Sundays; because no one is successful scoring 1 out of 36. Today we will consider 6 things a God-ordained pastor will do for you:

1.LEAD YOU: This is the first and foremost responsibility of a pastor over the sheep. A pastor leads you in paths of righteousness as he sets example of God’s standard for you as a godly role model.

2.FEED YOU: After salvation, believers need solid systematic teaching of God’s word to grow and your pastor should supply this.

3.GUIDE YOU: Counseling is in the calling of the pastor. Your pastor will guide you through biblical counsel, and by being an example of faith to you. You need your pastor’s faith not his fashion.

4.COVER YOU: Isaiah 32:2 literally explains what spiritual covering means. The devil cannot hurt you when you are under a genuinely called servant of God and you are following in complete obedience. His intercession and anointing will always benefit you.

5.ACCESS SPIRITUAL HERITAGE: As your pastor gives you opportunity to serve and sow seeds in church, you gain access into your portion of the grace upon his life; just like Elisha did with Elijah. There is more to church than singing on Sunday.

6.REBUKE: He is to rebuke, correct and discipline you when it is necessary. If your pastor cannot discipline you, you are not likely to be fully formed for the Lord.


PRAYER: Lord, I receive grace to cooperate fully with my pastor’s ministry in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


BIBLE IN A YEARExodus 39:1-40:38, Mark 1:1-28, Psalms 35:1-16, Proverbs 9:11-12