We have learnt that personalities in the sheepfold include our Lord Jesus Christ—the Chief Shepherd, the shepherd, i.e. the church pastor, and the sheep. The next personality in the sheepfold are the goats and we will spend the next three days to expose the nature of goats in the sheepfold. There are two categories of goats in the sheepfold:

a. Natural Goats: These are goats by nature. They stir undercurrents of negative discussions in the Church. Even though they do not mean any harm, their presence always gives rise to trouble, strife and dissension in the assembly. Pastors should not allow rumors fester in church without stemming it. Whenever I hear someone say something like “people are talking about so and so,” I ask the person to name the “people”. And after tracing the erroneous statement, you find one or two people with the nature of a goat spreading the evil report.

b. Circumstantial Goats: These are people that manifest as goats because of wrong placement. They are not supposed to be goats, but because they have not found their pastor, they are not fulfilling their destinies as sheep in the sheepfold where they are wrongly located. Such a person is not a goat by nature but by wrong placement in a wrong church. 

Another way a sheep can manifest as a circumstantial goat is by relating with goats in the assembly. Many believers will abide in safety if they ask for their pastors’ counsel regarding their relationships and interactions in church.


PRAYER: Lord, I reject the nature of the goat; my vessel will not be a vehicle for strife and discord in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEARExodus 32:1-33:23, Matthew 26:69-27:14, Psalms 33:1-11, Proverbs 8:33-36