Still using the sheepfold example, the second person that we see in the church is the shepherd.

2) The Shepherd (i.e. the church pastor): He is the one that executes the physical shepherding role of the Lord Jesus over the sheep. The office of a pastor is a divine calling that God calls people into. Anyone doing pastoral work that the Lord has not called to that work is a thief; same as someone who God called to another ministry office but is presiding as a pastor over a church. When God calls a man to shepherd a flock, anytime the shepherd ministers to his flock, they will hear the voice of the Chief Shepherd in their spirits. 

When you find your God-ordained church, God gives you a place in the heart of the pastor and not just a seat in church. The pastor serves as your joint to what the chief shepherd has prepared for you. That is why the ministry of a pastor is so crucial to what God wants to accomplish in the life of believers. 

In over three decades of ministry, I have discovered that you can succeed with a wrong barber, or a wrong tailor but you cannot go far in God’s purpose with the wrong pastor ministering to you on Sunday. This is because the person that lays hands on your head on Sunday will determine what happens to you the rest of the week. The chief Shepherd knows who He has ordained to lead you into His purpose for your life and you should labour to find your God-ordained Pastor.


PRAYER: Sweet Holy Spirit, I know God has ordained a pastor for me. I permit you today to lead me to the pastor God has chosen for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.


BIBLE IN A YEARExodus 21:22-23:13, Matthew 24:1-28, Psalms 29:1-11, Proverbs 7:6-23