I want to continue showing you the critical factors to tap into the realm of divine results this year. Yesterday,  we saw that developing a personal relationship and eyes that see the needs of God were two major keys. 

3.Develop your perception: 

Your perception refers to your sensitivity as a Christian. Your life’s greatness is dependent on your sensitivity and not your sensibility. That is why you see several people with numerous degrees that the devil still robs of their inheritance. You cannot join God to do anything until you develop your spiritual sensitivity. Your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit will help you see a higher light than your natural senses can see. Therefore, labour to develop your spiritual sensitivity today.

4.Intentional kingdom linkages: 

The Shunammite woman entered into a strategic kingdom linkage with the anointing, and here’s my question to you: is there any area in your life that you are in a consistent, strategic, intelligent partnership with the anointing? The woman of Shunem was not satisfied that the prophet only came to eat once in a while; she wanted him to tabernacle with her family. Don’t miss out on the strategic help that God has made available for you in these last days. The Bible says, see thou that the  oil and the wine will not be hurt in these last days (Rev. 6:6).  So partner with the anointing and the anointed and develop a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.


PRAYERLord, I receive heightened sensitivity and perception to function in the realm of the spirit this year in Jesus’ name. Amen


BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 37:1-38:30, Matthew 12:22-45, Psalm 16:1-11, Proverbs 3:27-32