You can train your spirit to pick every sign or signal from God.  This body is the house of that spirit and just as you can build up your body, develop and train it, so also the spirit-man can be trained. To train your spirit-man,  there are three things you must do regularly;

1. FEED CONSISTENTLY ON GOD’S WORD: Read and meditate on the word and hear the word. The word of God is the food of the spirit-man. What natural food does to the body is what the word of God will do to your spirit-man. Can you imagine what happens when you don’t eat for a long time? Your body becomes weak, you cannot see clearly and you cannot even think coordinately. That is the same thing that happens to your spirit-man when you do not take in the word of God.

2. PRAY MORE IN THE SPIRIT (Jude vs. 20): Praying in the spirit is another spiritual exercise that builds your spirit man. Pay attention to it and do it as often as possible. Don’t limit praying in the spirit to the period of your quiet time alone. You can pray in the spirit while doing some other things.

3. EXERCISE YOURSELF IN FOLLOWING THE PROMPTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: As you begin to notice or sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit and you respond to them appropriately, your ability to know that signal will be getting better by the day, but when you pick those signals and you do not respond to them, you will be shutting down that ability inside you. 


PRAYERLord I pray for divine infusion of strength into my inner man. I will not be weak and feeble to pick divine signals in Jesus’ name. Amen


BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 11:1-13:4, Matthew 5:1-26, Psalm 5:1-12, Proverbs 1:24-28