Bible in a year: Judges 6:1-40, Luke 22:54-23:12, Psalm 95:1-96:13, Proverbs 14:5-6

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There are two things that you will do for the rest of your life once you get involved in them: Marriage and Ministry. You must get the two right. A time will come that you must retire from your career but there is no retirement from ministry and marriage.  If you are still single, take your time to master what will make your marriage work, before you get involved in it. If a married man or woman serves God better than a single person, that single is a failure before God. 

You must know and understand how what you want to be in life affects God’s purpose. If what you want to do does not have a direct means by which it contributes to God’s purpose on earth, then it is not God’s purpose for your life and you must run away from such. 

In God’s perfect pattern for marriage, you should know the Lord before you know your spouse. If you enter any department of your life before you know the Lord, you are likely to have made self-inflicted mistake. It is different from the person who has known the Lord but is acting in rebellion. The blood of Jesus does not cover rebellion; it only covers mistakes and ignorance. If a Christian who has known the ways of the Lord wilfully goes on the road of rebellion against the truth, there is no forgiveness for that.

If you get saved before the time that you begin to make critical decisions of life, like which course to study in school, which career to do and who to marry, the Lord expects that your Christian growth will be faster and you will not make mistakes out of ignorance. You are different from a person who has made critical decisions in ignorance. An unbeliever cannot help himself against sin, but you as a Christian can help yourself, because you are a saint in Christ. But if you wilfully commit sin after you have known the Lord, you will be judged for rebellion. You must always ask what next Lord. If you have fallen at a point in your past, you must find out what next you must do to catch up to the point where you are meant to be. 

Paul was telling the Hebrew believers that at the time that they were meant to be teachers, they were still students. When you find Christians that should be ministering in miracle services queuing up somewhere for healing call, there is a problem. Until you are ashamed of what you used to do as a sinner, you won’t leave it. If the things that you used to do in the past before you gave your life to Christ suddenly become attractive to you again, you are backsliding. It becomes more difficult to make progress when you are deliberately going back.


It is important that you abide in God and grow so that the practical side of your life will not open you to a fall after you have known the Lord.

Prayer: Father, let your mercy cover up for my past mistakes and help me that my present decisions on the practical side of my life will always align with your plan for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.