Bible in a year: Genesis 5:1-7:24, Matthew 3:7-4:11, Psalm 3:1-8, Proverbs 1:10-19

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You have not because you give not. Your financial destiny as a child of God is in your hands. You should not blame another person for your financial situation if you are born again. Your giving will be a critical factor this year. Stinginess stops the flow of mercy. Once the devil attacks your giving, he stops the current of favor in your direction. In 2014, how much did you give in your offering and how many partnerships were you involved in? This should be better this year. You cannot change in level supernaturally until you start giving. Your giving determines your increases. Give at your level but it should be better year by year. If 5000Naira (five thousand naira) was your partnership seed in 2014, it should be more than #5000 this year.

If you are a giver, the resources of God are moved in your direction. YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU GIVE NOT. ENLARGE YOUR GIVING AND YOU WILL ENLARGE YOUR RECEIVING. Let your giving be targeted to your spending so as to create a supernatural flow against leakages.
You should pray that God will show you the channels of your receiving this year. When you give in the kingdom, you give to three things: The House of God, The Work of God and The Man of God. Everybody should be involved in the three. You should give intelligently to these three and you will see you tremendous blessings will flow unto you. When a demand is made of you to give to something specific in Zion, don’t turn it down. The returns on sacrifice are greater than the returns on seeds.
Every time you receive an increase, the first thing you must do is to save it. Don’t spend it. The spirit of debt and financial failure makes people spend their increase. God is saying to me that a major reduction in cost and expenses is coming. Some of you may need to start a new business. A jobless person does not have the avenue for God to return something to him. You need to ask God to deliver you from emotional and foolish giving in this new season as this does not connect you to divine flow but wastes what you have.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, show me how to give this new year. I receive a baptism of the spirit of generosity. I will enjoy sensitivity to the seasons of my peculiar giving in Jesus’ name. Amen.