WHAT NEXT OH LORD? (2) - Hebrews 6:1-6

Bible in a year: Judges 8:18-9:21, Luke 23:44-24:12, Psalm 99:1-9, Proverbs 14:9-10

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As you move on and grow; there are things that you must thoroughly deal with and settle once and for all, which you are not expected to be confused about at any stage in your progressive journey. Those things are foundational, basic and elementary. Proper understanding of them will determine your speed and depth in grasping higher things of the kingdom. Those things include:

1.Your salvation. There is nothing like gradual salvation. If you are a sinner, what is next in God's agenda for you is salvation. Whatever provision you experience that is not leading you to the point of salvation is misappropriation of God’s miracle power, because that is what is next on God’s agenda for a sinner, no matter his/her status. Once you are saved however, it must be settled in your heart once and for all that you are a child of God.

One of the things that accompany salvation is a change of attitude, behaviour and sometimes change of friends. Genuine salvation is followed by certain practical, genuine and physically identifiable changes. If no change accompanies your salvation, it is in doubt.

2.Holy Ghost baptism and the things associated with it. i.e. power. Power that makes you bold where you used to be afraid is available to you when the moves of the Holy Ghost are opened up to you. The Holy Spirit will also open you up to a world of wealth.

3.Church membership; your spiritual family. There must be a place where God plants your roots, and you begin to soak in nutrients, and develop a Christ-like character. Heb.6:5. The Church is the school of the spirit. Wrong Church membership is the point where many people miss it. 

4.Sonship & Discipleship: In Church membership, sonship is developed by feeding your spirit systematically and consistently on the word of life, breaking bread. This is where your Christian maturity and growth in Christ-likeness begins to come up. You’re being sharpened. The safety of the people around you when relating with you depends on the sonship level inside you. 

5.Life Assignment: This has to do with the things that God commits to your life and will hold you accountable for. God told Abraham to look from where he is. You must look from where you are, to get the right perspective of the things that you need to do. Once you are at this point, your life is wrapped in the protection of divine purpose. 


When you begin to adjust your schedule to the demands of God for your life, the power, the anointing, the protection and the resources that the kingdom makes available begin to come. Days will come when the reward of the faithful will differentiate them. The demand of God that you respond to is what will give you energy to leap over every wall ahead of you. Get yourself loaded and equipped. Let God have the right over your schedule. The future is greater than you can imagine. 

Prayer: Father, help me that I will not miss any step, I will be all that you have ordained me to be in Jesus’ name. Amen