Bible in a year: Genesis 18:16-19:38, Matthew 6:25-7:14, Psalm 8:1-9, Proverbs 2:6-15

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Everybody will perform when it is required of them but leaders perform consistently under self-initiation; they move themselves to do the needful well. That is the distinguishing mark of a leader and if you read our text carefully, you will see something that you can refer to as separation for elevation. If you are going to rise high in your life, vocation or calling, you must separate yourself. There were eleven people that got on the mountain with Jesus but He left eight of them behind and didn’t tell them anything. He only required them to sit down while He went yonder to pray and then He took three out of them, moved them to another place and gave them something to do. 

Jesus was not partial towards these three disciples but because He had observed and assessed them over a period of time, He saw that He could separate them unto something important. Beloved, if God is going to take you higher in life, He will separate you from someone and/or something. Every call to a higher level in your journey will always be a call to separation from something and separation is gradual. The first separation is a separation from external and visible things while the second is a separation from internal matters.

Everybody can separate from somebody that is obviously wrong, but it is not easy to separate from people that share the same value with you or people that are going as far as you are going. It is not easy to separate from things in your own life. If you are going to develop a leadership life, you must begin to apply to yourself the law of separation for elevation. 

You cannot be elevated without separation and from our Bible reading, we see a marked difference in the ministry of the three people that were separated to go with Jesus. James was the first martyr, Peter became the leader of the apostolic band and John was the one that wrote the book of Revelation. All of them were apostles but He separated them. In every class, there will be distinctions, separation and these are thoughts that anyone that wants to develop the leadership life must take serious.

Prayer: Lord, help me to take the matter of separation seriously in my walk and journey with you that I will not live below your requirement for my life and destiny in Jesus name. Amen.