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Today we will continue to look at practices of the untouchable life. By this we mean the habits and secrets of men who have become untouchable to the devil, situations and circumstances of life.

Hear the word of God daily: Isaiah 50:4, Rom 10:17. However you do it, make sure you hear the word of God in various versions. Hear it in audio, video, through reading and other means. This will build a defense around your spirit and fortify you.

Fellowship with like Spirits daily: This is one of the ways Christians get themselves defeated by fellowshipping with opposing spirits daily that end up wearing them out. Some people take it upon themselves to hunt and wear you out through unholy discussions. This will weaken you and sap your available strength. Don’t forget that the devil fights weakness and not strength. He fights you through your close relationships which most times you can’t avoid. Consciously and deliberately fellowship with like spirits; never forget that as “iron sharpens iron so the countenance of a man sharpens that of his friend” and this is one of the ways that God wants to use to keep you fresh in the divine. Take your time to build sound and godly fellowship around you as you go up in the things of God and destiny pursuit. You can’t survive with wrong spirits fellowshipping with you.


Save and sow daily: To become untouchable financially, this is a practice to consider. The same way you spend daily, you are to sow and save money daily. The spirit of poverty works along the line of spending while the spirit of prosperity works around sowing and saving. This is a simple secret of wealth and financial breakthrough. To make it you need a savings account with God and savings account with men (bank account). Saving money is not about the amount but about the habit. Law of abundance is to save in trickles and spend in bulk. Never borrow money to do consumable things like food and clothes. You will never make it borrowing money to feed and purchase consumables. Sowing daily is getting God involved and saving daily is tapping the blessings of God. Everybody has the blessings of God but very few people tap the blessing. You only give to have in this kingdom supernaturally. This practice will get the current of God flowing in your life.

Prayer: Lord, I decide today under the anointing of the word you have sent to me to save and sow daily, fellowship with like spirits daily and hear the word of God daily. Lord Let your anointing come on this decision for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Isaiah 66:1-24, Philippians 3:4-21, Psalms 74:1-23, Proverbs 24:15-16