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Everyone must ask from God what he or she should be. This is because if your birth was as a result of the thought of God, your life manifestations should be a continuation of that thought. Most times, our lives are a manifestation of many different, somehow divergent and conflicting thoughts which is not supposed to be. You started out in God and the thought of God is that you will end in Him. God wants you to come back to heaven, but the devil will want to make sure that at the end of the day, you end up in hell. He doesn’t give up on that and that is his plan for every human being on earth. Whether an Apostle, Evangelist, Pastor; it makes no difference to the Devil. He is still thinking on how to take every human being to hell until the last minute; he doesn’t give up his own thought.

God doesn’t give up on His own thought concerning us too. Sometimes we have messed up our lives in such a way that it is completely contrary to what God had in mind for us. His concern and thought all the time is how to see to it that His original plan for our lives becomes a reality even if we have made serious mistakes. You must make up your mind to team up with divine expectation over your life by heeding the call of God and obeying His divine instructions. Check out your practices and lifestyle; are they giving handles to divine working or aiding satanic agenda. There are human beings that are ordained for serious things of God but they choose a wrong path in life and become lesser than God ordained them to be. Some have been replaced and are now a shadow of what God planned for them. That must not be your portion in life.


How well you turn out and comply to the divine thought will not only depend on God but will also depend on your revelation of the thought of God for you. You will need to pattern your life and decisions after the revelation of His thoughts and expectations over your life. May you fulfil divine counsel and agenda in Jesus’ name

Prayer: Lord, give me the revelation of your thoughts and expectations for my life and baptize me with grace to team up and take practical steps towards your thoughts for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Bible in a year: Genesis 11:1-13:4, Matthew 5:1-26, Psalm 5:1-12, Proverbs 1:24-28