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Prioritize God. Your priorities must be right in life as a child of God. Your priority must be your relationship with God, His word, His will and His plan for your life. If you have a business, that business must be a tool in the hands of God as much as a church is a tool in the hands of God. One young man went to the church of one of my friends and commented that this church can sufficiently be a source of food for a man. That is a dangerous man to be ordained as a pastor. His mentality is wrong. Your business is not for you to eat but a tool and platform to serve God in your own day. 

In making God your priority, you must pay your tithe. The tithe is not just one tenth; it is the first one tenth. It shows your submission to God and his ownership; that he owns you and the tithe is the acknowledgement of it. It must be the first thing that you separate from your income. That is right prioritizing. Show me somebody that has a wrong and low view of his tithe, he has a low and wrong view of God and the spirit of prosperity will not work with a man who wrongly places God in his life. You cannot over do that. Some may mock you over it. Personally, I feel it is not right for me to speak first in the morning to a human being but because of the type 

of ministry I have, sometimes, people’s telephone calls wake me up and before I answer the call, I put the phone somewhere and say, “father, I just thank you, I give you praise and all the honour…” You may say does it matter?  It does matter to me who I speak to first in the morning. Who do you go to first? Who do you go to last? That is priority


Respect for the things God respects brings the spirit of prosperity to walk with a man. I read a book titled The Millionaire Next Door. One of the things I find interesting in the book is the survey carried out on average millionaires on their choice of wives. They were asked to choose between a beautiful woman and a practical woman. Almost all the successful millionaires chose a practical wife. People that are poor chose a beautiful wife. Without being born again, they are practicing Proverbs 31. Your marriage is one of the things that the spirit of prosperity or poverty is looking for as a handle. Show me a woman that marries a foolish man, she will perpetually struggle. Show me a man that marries a woman that is not practical, he will perpetually struggle all through life financially. So, make your choice of what to respect and what to prioritize wisely.

Prayer: Father, I receive the wisdom to prioritize correctly and place God first in all things and a heart that respects what God honors in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Ezekiel 20:1-49, Hebrews 9:11-28, Psalm 107:1-43, Proverbs 27:11