Bible in a year: 1 Kings 12:20-13:34, Acts 9:26-43, Psalm 132:1-18, Proverbs 17:6

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The first thing to effective living is to establish your destination and that is what vision does for you. Vision establishes your destination in life. You will go through different types of situations in life: some embarrassing and humiliating but you must go through it.  Everybody is going through something. If you go through it, you will get to where you are going. Don’t stop, go through it. Some go through problems, accidents but they will still get to where they are going. Don’t stop, just make up your mind to go through it.

If you look at the journey of Jesus on the earth, you will discover that though He went through many towns teaching, he was journeying towards Jerusalem because His destiny was to break forth at Jerusalem. He was never going away from Jerusalem. Whatever you have to go through in life, don’t get lost in the details and lose your destination. Joseph was sold by His brethren but was actually moving towards his destination; he went through Potiphar’s house but he was going towards his destination; he went to prison but he kept moving towards his destination. They embarrassed him, lied against him, people he'd helped forgot about him but he didn’t stay there....he kept moving towards his goal.


You must have a vision you are going towards. You may be working as an employee now but be going towards something. As a husband and wife, you might be going through hunger, but what are you going towards matters most because what you are going towards is more than what you are going through. Don’t be a no-direction person; the journey to the top begins with a direction of clear cut vision. Your vision may not be something you can put down in a statement.  As a matter of fact, Joseph couldn’t put his own down in a statement but his vision told him he was headed for the top of the ladder in life. So many things confronted Joseph on his journey to the top: envy, betrayal, he was sold, seduced, lied against, went to prison unjustly, but he was going towards something. So many things will confront you too but the questions to ask yourself are: where am I heading? Am I still on the road? How close am I to where I am going?

Prayer: Father, I pray that you will help me to take conscious steps and decisions in the direction of the vision you have for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.