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Today we will continue looking at the characteristics of moveable saints- that is, saints that will be moved by the devil and the things in the world

e)Their comfort is not in the will of God, it is what rules them: The heart of Christianity is the will of God. We love the will of God, which is what makes us Christians. Find the will of God and love it. When you are promoting your comfort above the will of God, the devil is going to get you somewhere.

f)They are “give me” people not “make me” people: These are just like the prodigal son. The plan of God is that He will make you something before He gives you something. But moveable saints say, “Give me first before you make me”. God wants to make you a husband before giving you a wife. God’s program is to make you stronger than where He is taking you to. If you ever enter into something that is stronger than you, you rejected the process of God in the previous season. God makes you greater than what He wants to give you.

g)They are undecided saints: They are full of desires and not decisions. The devil is not afraid of your desires but of your decisions. Out of people that will fail, the undecided is one of them, just like the unexcited and the unlearned. Paul said, “This one thing I do” not “These many things I desire”. To these people, life is trial and error. Decision is not a feeling- but once made, your feelings will change. If you follow your feelings, you are going to end in hell. Moveable people are led by foolish things.

h)They are already bought or “for sale”: The devil’s doctrine is to always find the price of a man. He thinks like a criminal or the mafia. When you have regrets serving Jesus, the devil is going to get you somewhere. They offered Moses the throne of Egypt and he said he was already bought. Christians that will be unmoveable must be sold out to Jesus and no more available for sale. 

i)They are “today” people and not “tomorrow people”: They make decisions based on today and not tomorrow. To be unmoveable, tomorrow must be what rules your decision. The real champions are the people that know that tomorrow belongs to them. Every human being has three days- yesterday is gone, today is what we have and tomorrow is what the devil is after in everyone’s life. Don’t let the devil steal your tomorrow. Esau sold his tomorrow because of a morsel today.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive grace not to be moved by the devil or the ephemeral things of this world. I declare I am sold out to you and make up my mind to follow your will for me always, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Joshua 13:1-14:15, Luke 18:1-17, Psalm 85:1-13, Proverbs 13:7-8