WHAT IS YOUR REALITY? (2) - ACTS 20:32, 2 KINGS 6:13-14

Bible in a year: Genesis 31:17; 32:12, Matthew 10:24-11:6, Psalm 13:1-6, Proverbs 3:16-18

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We are dealing with realities in life and you must settle for yourself what your basis of reality as a human being on this planet is. We are not human beings that are trying to have a spiritual experience; we are spirit beings who have been placed on the earth to understand, appreciate, experience and to dominate the human experience. Thus it is important to settle this question.

2Kings 6:13-14(Pls. read) Having divine information is superior to having human weapons. This king is sensible. Since they told him that there is a man that could hear from a far distance, what he and his wife was discussing in their room, he said let me first arrest him. There’s no point in gathering weapons and planning strategy if all the things that we are discussing is open to this man, then let us capture him.’

In the night seasons, the abilities of man do not function very well. So, night is not just talking of the physical night but, it’s a symbolic time. You remember that it was in the night that earthquake came in the prison that they kept Peter. Also, Paul and Silas began to sing praise and pray to God in the midnight when everything was black so it is also the time that anything good can happen.

Sometimes, people assume that a new day comes when the sky is bright, but in truth, a new day comes when it clocks 12:01am. You must learn to know the difference between 11:59pm and 12:01am. Now, if you look out of your window at those intervals, it will look the same: 11:59pm and 12:01am. There’s no difference in the darkness but, the day has changed. That is why you as a child of God must determine your reality because as long as you’re building your reality on what you can see, you will be a victim of deception and you will miss many of the things that God wants you to have.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for a sensitivity of heart to the divine realities of God in my life and for my life. I choose to walk in the fullness of your divine programme and agenda in Jesus’ name. Amen.