Bible in a year: Joshua 16:1-18:28, Luke 19:1-27, Psalm 87:1-7, Proverbs 13:11

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There are three types of results that are possible for you to get on the earth;

1. Natural results

2. Demonic results

3. Divine results

Natural results are outcomes that you can take to the laboratory; you can analyze them, you can see the process and how they came about; you can discuss them and find explanations for every step.

To have demonic results and divine results, you would have crossed the line between the natural world and the supernatural world, so demonic results and divine results would come under supernatural results. That immediately shows that not everything supernatural is of God and that is why we need education so as not to unwittingly open ourselves up to the devil thinking that everything supernatural is God.

I want you to know that all these three results cover all the departments of life. You could be dealing with natural results concerning your health, you could be dealing with natural results concerning your finances, you could be dealing with natural results concerning your career and you could be dealing with demonic results in those same areas. But you can choose to get the divine results in life in areas where you are experiencing demonic outcomes.

When you choose to live by faith and obey divine instructions, you will be bringing your life under divine supervision and this is what births divine results. Natural results are good but they are subject to satanic attack and manipulations. Thus you must make up your mind to live beyond the natural and step into the divine. God has promised us a life of partnership and divine involvement. This does not only shut out the demonic but it also prepares us and preserves us for accurate manifestation and outcomes. May your life be divinely supervised and your results speak the language of God in Jesus name.

Prayer: Lord, I put my hand in your hand and I ask for divine involvement in my life and destiny. Help me to become a carrier of the divine and shut out the demonic in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.