Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 6:12-8:10, Romans 7:14-8:8, Psalm 18:1-15, Proverbs 19:24-25

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You cannot master your journey in life, until you master your tongue. Nothing will happen on the earth even though it is the perfect will of God unless somebody speaks it out. I want you to see the following facts about your tongue.

1. Your tongue is the mother of your future.

Everything you will be in the future will come forth from the confession of your mouth, as this acts as the physical opening to spirits in your life. Anytime you open your mouth, you are opening doors for spirits in your life, either good or evil. Therefore, you must intelligently turn your tongue loose for your profiting.

2. Your tongue is your glory. 

Your reality in life follows after the confession of your mouth, if there is ever any area that shame is describing your life, it means that you have wrongly used your tongue somewhere. 

3. Your tongue is the pen of the ready writer. Ps 45:1.

If the tongue is a pen of a ready writer, it means that it must have something that it writes on. Your tongue writes on the tablet of your heart and on the hearts of the people under your sphere of authority.

4. Your tongue is a mixer. Heb 4:1-2.

Your tongue is the instrument to mix prophecies and promises from God. Nobody wants their journey in life to derail, but you actually determine the course of your life through what you say with your tongue. Many people mix God’s word with doubt in their lives and the word never profited them. 

5. Your tongue is a stirring instrument. 1 Tim 1:6.


It takes more than education to make it in life; it takes the stirring up of favor in your direction. Every man has the capacity to be generous or greedy, what you stir up by your continuous confession is what you have in life.

Prayer: Lord, take my tongue and use it for your glory. Teach me to tame my tongue and use it for the divine purpose you have created it for. I choose to use my tongue as an instrument of life and divine creativity in Jesus’ name. Amen.