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This month, we are focusing on the subject of faith because it is one of the two legs of an effective Christian life. 

Abraham had to learn the principles of faith in order to understand how to operate the same way God operates. Abraham didn’t start with a fullness of faith, but he grew in it. It took him twenty-four years to learn how to put the promise of God in his mouth in order to manifest it. One of the key principles of faith God that teaches us from the life of Abraham is “Calling things that be not as though they were.”    

Many people mock the subject of faith. Some people call it “name it and claim it” and all kinds of funny names but the Bible makes it clear that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). When the Bible talks of faith, it refers to the Christian doctrine and it also refers to faith as a force that causes you to live the Christian life successfully and experience all that Jesus did for you on the cross of Calvary. 

Knowing doctrines of the Christian faith without learning the principles of faith as a divine force will leave you sick or oppressed by the devil. These principles of faith make you a friend of God in your generation and help you fulfil your destiny.

Lord, I refuse to be a victim. I embrace the principles of faith needed for my destiny to happen in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Jeremiah 28:1-29:32, 1 Timothy 1:1-20, Psalm 86:1-17, Proverbs 25:17