Bible in a year: Genesis 3:1-4:26, Matthew 2:13-3:6, Psalm 2:1-12, Proverbs 1:7-9

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The call to intimacy is the highest call for every believer. It is the call before every other call. It is worth noting that the real message of a preacher is the one that comes from intimacy. Preachers are messengers; only the Holy Spirit is the Minister. Prophets are hearers first before they are                                                                            speakers, don’t run until He speaks. It is wrong to start running without intimacy with God. God created us to be vessels of ideas and you need intimacy not to pursue wrong or foolish ideas. Intimacy will show you the business you should start and the number of the children you should have. Intimacy is not a call for special servants of God but for every believer. Preaching is not the first role; the first role is to be a waiter. Strange spirits will take a minister over if he does not stay in the place of intimacy with God. Intimacy purifies our motives. God will tell you in intimacy what other men cannot tell you.
It is beyond any other call. Intimacy will continue in eternity. Intimacy will always take you up. A man that enters into intimacy will always have upward movement only. It is the major call for our life. The devil will use something good to keep you from something important. The success that takes you away from intimacy with God is bad success. Our God is a father and He wants a father- son relationship with us. Take the posture of a son. Begin to pay the price of loyalty towards God and you will increase in intimacy.
Three levels of intimacy you need to know:
1.    No Intimacy
2.    Right Intimacy
3.    Wrong intimacy
No intimacy is curable because a man can move from there to right intimacy. The most dangerous is wrong intimacy. Wrong intimacy is someone fellowshipping with wrong things and is already bringing forth fruit. You stay in intimacy through loyalty. Loyalty is willingness to sacrifice your interest for the interest of the person you are loyal to.

Prayer: Lord, I ask that you will take me deeper and closer in my walk with you. I move from every form of no intimacy and wrong intimacy to right intimacy in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.