Bible in a year: Micah 5:1-7:20, Revelation 7:1-17, Psalm 135:1-21, Proverbs 30:5-6

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It is possible to obtain the result of a wise man without being one yet. One of the ways to become wise is to identify a wise man and follow his footsteps and actions. It takes wisdom to recognize wisdom. One of the marks of a fool is inability to recognize wisdom. You must strive that the word fool is never used to describe you in life by man or God.
 Ensure that you are classed among the wise. The foolish man may get things done faster and cheaper by cutting corners but it is not a mark of wisdom as the future does not belong to the man doing it quick, but the man doing it right. Doing it right sometimes will take you more time and cost you more money but the future is secured.
Quality is cheaper in the long run as it is a mark of foolishness to do something cheap instead of doing it well. Wisdom thinks of how well a thing can be done and not how cheap.

Wisdom is an active force and virtue that affects the way one operates and determines an outstanding outcome. It is key to recognize that wisdom comes from God as He is the source of wisdom.  A person may be intelligent and smart but this is not the same as wisdom. For instance a crook may be intelligent but not wise. The factor of the fear of God in wisdom makes it complete and differentiates it from smartness. Understand that as well, that wisdom is a Spirit that can be contacted through association and relation.

There is a place of wisdom in the fight of faith that determines our outcome as believers. The God of faith is also the God of wisdom that makes our faith stable and complete. Sometimes, the devil will be waiting for you not to act in wisdom in addition to your faith like a man that had an accident and was bleeding but insisted that he will not treat the wound and will not go to the hospital as his Church does not believe in medicine. This is an incomplete faith as it lacks practical wisdom. It is the failure of that man’s faith that brought him into crisis and some people like this make unbelievers think that Christians are fools. It is my strong belief that medicine is God’s provision of divine wisdom to help our faith. Even though medicine may not help you solve the problem permanently, it helps you remain alive while your faith is sorting out the remaining details.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for a fresh baptism of the Spirit of wisdom that I will not be fighting the fight of faith in foolishness in Jesus’ name. Amen.