Bible in a year: Genesis 18:16; 19:38, Matthew 6:25-7:14, Psalm 8:1-9, Proverbs 2:6-15

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The just shall live by his own faith; two buildings cannot share the same foundation and you do not know the building that has foundation from the building that does not have foundation until there is crisis. 

For the unbeliever, what works for him are the gifts of the spirit for him to get connected to the provisions of God. For the young believer: faith and the gifts, whilst the mature Christian has his faith developed to access God’s provisions easily.

God is not intimidated by where you are; he is concerned with where you are going. It doesn’t matter where God meets you but from that day on, your journey is upward and forward. You don’t have a big problem, what you need is a little more faith.

Jesus healed all sicknesses but He did not heal all the sicknesses present; because each person’s healing is a function of his faith. The only reason a problem remains a problem in the life of a Christian is if his faith is not growing. If your spirit begins to grow, you will get to where you can pick up prophecies and pick up what God is saying to you. God has a particular way that is suited to your own personality and nature; some people will get it via audible voice, others through impressions etc.

Anytime you see a problem that has left your life that seems to be coming back, your faith (spirit) is reducing. If God wants to change your level in life, He first of all gets you to increase your faith because the new level needs a new level of faith too. Whenever your faith increases, your hearing grows. 

Faith does not come by prayer (Rom 10:17); it is the faith that you apply during the prayer that determines whether or not you will get results. Faith comes by hearing and hearing, faith doesn’t come by “having heard”. As a matter of fact, before you can have faith on any subject, you must have heard it at least twice. David said, “…once have you spoken, twice have I heard…” So, to have faith, keep hearing God’s word. You do not hear with your ears, you hear with your mind. Your hearing increases with concentration. So, start concentrating and focusing your mind to hear today and your life will never remain the same.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for a hearing ear and sound mind to hear your word and build up my faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.