THE SPIRIT OF FAITH - 2 COR. 4: 13, PSALM 116:10

Bible in a year: Genesis 20:1-22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22

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The spirit of faith operates through this principle, “Believe and Speak”. We speak according to what we believe, not according to what we see. That is how the spirit of faith operates. Faith is a spirit; it is importable and it is receivable. 

A born again man has the spirit of faith. The same spirit that David had when he confronted Goliath but the difference is you may not be allowing that spirit to operate in you the way David allowed the spirit to operate in him. In the Old Testament, they operated instinctively but we are to operate instructively, so our operation should be stronger than their own. David did not have any Bible that told him how the spirit of faith operates, he just operated that spirit and the exploits that he did are visible.

Now, we have that same spirit and we have the Bible that instructs us on how that spirit operates. David said I believed therefore have I spoken; so don’t speak if you don’t believe. Most times we speak what we don’t believe. Every time you operate against this law, you damage the spirit of faith in you. Faith, as a spirit, can be strong and it can be weak;  it can be healthy and it can be sick. So, you can find some people that have a sick spirit of faith and the faith life in them does not do what it is ordained of God to do.

The next thing you must take note of is that you must begin to expose yourself to the spirit of faith constantly in the life of those that carry it. Don’t expose yourself to people that are carrying negative spirits as both spirits are contagious and will determine your next level in life.

Prayer: Lord, I receive a fresh impartation of the spirit of faith and an obedient heart to live instructively in Jesus’ name. Amen.