THE SPIRIT OF FAITH (2) - 2 COR. 4: 13, NUM. 14: 11-24

Bible in a year: Genesis 23:1-24:51, Matthew 8:1-17, Psalm 9:13-20, Proverbs 3:1-6

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In Numbers 14: 11-24, it is evident that God does signs and wonders so we can believe Him. The Bible says, “…Without Faith it is impossible to please God.” When you do not live by faith, it is not only that you don’t please God, you actually invite the wrath of God. When you choose to live by faith, you allow God to be God in your life and to fulfil His mandates. When you live by fear or doubt, you are claiming that God is not who He is; that God is lesser than who he says He is and that whoever you are afraid of is greater than God, and that makes God angry.

Because faith is a spirit, it eats food just like your body eats food but the food of the spirit is different from the food of the flesh. Your spirit eats different kinds of food and just like your flesh, it must be fed with the right diet so that your body can be strong and whole. “Spirits eat words.” The spirit of faith feeds on the Word of God. When was the last time you fed your faith? Many people have not entered into intelligent feeding of their faith. You must begin to pursue intelligently the food that gives faith strength in different dimensions.

There are Churches that are strong in salvation but are weak in healing. The healing is there but there is no feeding of their faith along that line. In fact there are some Churches that are full of good Christians, they get born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost but there is no feeding on faith either generally or individually. The same way, there are people in Churches that don’t have faith for prosperity because they have not been fed along that line. There are Churches that believe that prosperity is of the devil, to them the message of prosperity is like your bring excreta to the dining table. 

You deny yourself of the provisions of God for your life when you fail to feed your faith the necessary food. Don’t find yourself in such an assembly where there is no systematic sharing of the word of God on the provisions of God, the kingdom of God and everything that God has ordained for your life. The Church is not called to specialize in aspects of God’s kingdom but rather to generalize on the complete word of God.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for a fresh hunger for the word of God to feed my faith so as to become all you have ordained for me to be in Jesus’ name. Amen.