Bible in a year: Exodus 35:10-36:38, Matthew 27:32-66, Psalm 34:1-10, Proverbs 9:7-8

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Your primary purpose in God’s presence should be to know Him and to please Him. Don’t start by knowing God through prayer but primarily through the Bible. Be a man of the Word before you become a man of the spirit. God gave us His Word to give us the limit of what is safe spiritually. Crosscheck any revelation with the written word of God and drop it immediately if it contradicts the Bible.

In the scripture above, the ark that couldn’t defend itself when the children of Israel were around it (because God’s judgment was coming upon Eli and his household), fought for itself in the enemies' camp. The power of the ark was not the physical ark itself, but the personality behind the ark.

You must know what is going on in the spiritual side of your life and service it. No demon can defeat you if there is a smile of God over you. Seek to know the issues in the spiritual side of your life. When you rise higher spiritually, the difference is measured in years not in centimeters. You will begin to pick information that translates to wealth in the Spirit. Your spirit will begin to identify what represents wealth, and you can quickly identify negative things and deal with it.

As you begin to take spiritual exercises serious, your dreams become an instrument of divine communication, seeing things that are hidden, showing you what the devil is trying to hide from you and what God is trying to reveal to you.  But you need to tend the following:
1.    Your walk with God
2.    The spiritual side of your life
3.    Your prayer life
4.    Your study of the word of God
5.    Your life of holiness
God doesn’t hide things from people but when your spiritual life is low, there will be no discernment. Everything in the spirit is black and white. Thus, when things appear grey to you, your spiritual perception is dull. You only need to rise up and what appeared grey will either become white or black.

Prayer: Father, any negative thing on the spiritual side of my life that is working against me, shut them down, and any positive thing that is meant to work for me, Lord open them up wider in Jesus’ name. Amen.