Bible in a year: Exodus 37:1-38:31, Matthew 28:1-20, Psalm 34:11-22, Proverbs 9:9-10

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Children of God are to develop battle plans to deal with the attack of the devil. The devil knows that he will not be allowed to bring anything against you that you will not be able to handle as a child of God (1Cor10:13), so he begins to attack you by keeping you away from where that ability is being developed in you and seasons when God supplies the ability, whether personally or corporately. There are times when God tells you to wait on him. Nothing is happening in your life negatively, everything is going on very fine. In fact, your life is at its best season, yet God begins to witness to you and tells you to fast for 2 days. 

If you notice, for instance that for some time now, you have not really had time to pray; you have not been praying as you used to and have not been studying the Bible, this is part of the devil’s strategy to keep you away from the place where ability is being supplied to you. The devil does not mind using anything to prevent you from acquiring ability; he can give you a "better" job. I know someone that every time God led me to pick him to move him higher spiritually, to get him into higher spiritual training, he will get a promotion in his place of work and they will post him away from training. How will I, his Pastor, tell him not to take the promotion? That is not my decision to make, it is his own decision.

Sometimes, about 5-10yrs before the time the devil plans to launch his attack, he begins to arrange you away from training, away from Bible study, away from prayer meetings etc. He does not care what he uses to arrange you away from the place of spiritual development and capacity. He offered Jesus the entire kingdom of this world just to buy Him over. He doesn’t care what he offers you. He can even offer you a 3-step promotion just to take you away from church so that when he eventually launches his attack, you have no ability in your spirit man to withstand him.

Prayer: Lord, I receive a baptism of sensitivity and awareness I need to discern devil’s devices and strategy to lure me away from my place of training and spiritual development. Amen.