Bible in a year: Leviticus 1:1-3:17, Mark 1:29-2:12, Psalm 35:17-28, Proverbs 9:13-18

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Don’t be static in your walk with God. God has a record of when you got saved and how you are moving on in Him. There is nothing more dangerous than living your human life under the atmosphere of divine rejection. There is a divine disappointment in the heart of the Father  when He expects you to be producing a particular type of fruit for heaven and you are not. I am convinced that there are Christians that are living in an atmosphere of divine cut-off. I pray for you that you will not live a life that is subject to natural forces and disconnected from heaven. These people always have a record of when they were once enjoying divine connections, yet they fail to correct this situation of disconnection. We are in February 2015, but they are still in 2000 in the move of God; because that was the last time they had a move of God in their lives. God wants us to live fresh, up to date, and current in His moves in our lives and time.
There is an expectation of heaven over your life and the expectation on your life from yourself. The two of them must align together for you to fulfill destiny. The only way to stay ahead of the devil is by staying in line with God. If you are behind God in your life, the devil will catch up with you.
There is an expectation of God for marriages. It is the depth of our divine experiences with God that keeps each of us at equilibrium in our marriage. If you are not both meeting God's expectations for both your lives, then it places a pressure on your marriage.
God said, “I know Abraham” (He had tested and proven Abraham). So, God could do what He had planned for his family. If the children in a house are not doing the things of God, then the head of the family (the father) should be the one to be questioned. Will you take your place as the head today and fulfill God’s mandate for your family?

Prayer: Lord, may I not be a disappointment to the expectation of God upon my life, I receive divine help to remain freshly and vitally connected to the divine in Jesus’ name. Amen.