Bible in a year:  1 Chronicles 1:1-2:17, Acts 23:11-35, Psalm 3:1-8, Proverbs 18:14-15

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ThThere are some things that attract God and there are some other things that don’t attract God. External things move men but they don’t move God. You can come to Church and because you are not impressed by the equipment and the technical skill, you also miss the anointing that is in the gathering. And you may be in another meeting that the technical skill is superb and there is no anointing on the personnel. The man of God you really need may be the one whose spoken English isn’t good enough and style of dressing isn’t presentable but has anointing on him. To get the best that the kingdom of God offers, we must train ourselves to respond to what truly matters.

David’s father presented seven of his sons whereas he had eight. David was the eighth child but he didn’t bring him to the meeting because in his own estimation, David was not qualified. David was just a young man doing well in taking care of the sheep and skillful in playing the harp but his brothers were tall, huge and registered in Saul's army and so, their father presented them to Prophet Samuel because he concluded that they were the presentable sons. 

There are people whose presence in Church can give the Church social weight but they do not carry the anointing that effects change and destroys yokes. The kingdom of God is not about status. If you are a governor, be an anointed one. If you are a medical doctor, be an anointed one. Whatever you are, be anointed. Without the anointing, you are cheap for the devil to handle. You may have the oratory power, yet if you don’t have the anointing as a minister, you can’t bless anybody. You may have a good voice but if you don’t have the anointing as a song minister, your song will not be different from those sung by secular musicians; but when you have the anointing upon your effort, the power of God is released and the kingdom is built up. The anointing is what makes our work transcend time. 

After we have finished and gone to our reward and another generation comes, the things that we did in the anointing are the ones that will continue. A ministry that is not done under the anointing will end and finish with the life of the person that started it. Never labour for God in the flesh, get anointed. Discover what God anoints and position your life to be that vessel that will be anointed.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that my life will attract oil and you will give me grace to habitually do the things that draw the anointing upon a man in Jesus’ name. Amen.