Bible in a year: 1 Samuel 17:1-18:4, John 8:21-30, Psalm 111:1-10, Proverbs 15:11

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The proof of the anointing is not that people fall down under the anointing, but that the things recorded in Luke 4:18 are duplicated in a measure.

If you were sick and the anointing came on you when you were prayed for, the yoke of sickness must be broken and the yoke must be removed, whether or not you fell down under the anointing.

The proofs of the anointing are:

1. The anointing destroys yokes and burdens.

2. The anointing brings healing to the sick.

3. The anointing brings deliverance to the captive.

4. The anointing brings recovery to the blind.

5. The anointing sets at liberty.

The anointing connects you to the following:

1. The Commonwealth of Israel.

2. Hope and grace to find it quick. 

3. God in this world.

4. Covenant of promise.

5. The Spirit of God.

6. Answers and solutions of God


Make up your mind not to remain under a burden with an anointed in your life because the anointing is under the mandate to remove burdens and yokes.

Prayer: Father, I connect myself to the anointing upon your word and the calling to profit and progress in my destiny and pursuit in Jesus’ name. Amen.