Bible in a year:  1 Chronicles 5:18-6:81, Acts 26:1-32, Psalm 6:1-10, Proverbs 18:20-21

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There are three tests of faithfulness: faithfulness in little things, faithfulness in another man’s things and faithfulness in money. If you want God to use you in prophecy, God wants you to be faithful in cleaning your house first of all.  As a child, you don’t fetch water for your parents and you want God to use you in diverse gifts of the Spirit? He says, first of all be faithful in that natural work and then God will use you in that prophetic assignment. The test for the prophetic will come in the practical things of life. You must condition your life to live a faithful life if you will carry the approval of God in your life.

David was faithful in keeping his father’s sheep. God saw a boy that was not a soldier and didn’t carry weapons but when the lion came, he was so faithful over the sheep that he resolved not to lose any of his father’s sheep. He fought the lion with the spirit of faithfulness and took the lamb from the mouth of the lion! He also fought a bear! Then he went ahead to confront and kill Goliath! God noted it that if he could risk his life for the sheep, he wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for His people, if he became king.

Many people are full of eye service but God wants faithfulness. Faithfulness is what He approves. If you can write songs, write it faithfully. Spend time in prayer and let God give you songs from heaven. If God gives you the ability to back up songs, back up other people until God says you are faithful and adds anointing to your gift. We have a God that is our rewarder and not men. God is faithful and He will reward, only be faithful in whatever He told you to do.

If you do an audit of your life and your service to God, can you conclude that you have been faithful? God is still in search of faithful men who will also be able. So many people put ability first without cultivating a faithful life. Faithfulness is what God anoints; you can now add ability to your faithfulness. May God find you faithful for divine approval and anointing in Jesus’ name.

Prayer: Lord, I repent of every area where I have not been faithful. I make a decision today to walk in faithfulness to you and take myself serious in Jesus’ name. Amen.