Bible in a year: Joshua 5:1-7:15, Luke 15:1-32, Psalm 81:1-16, Proverbs 13:1

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Living in truth means living in genuineness, accuracy, precision etc. That means that your way of life speaks genuineness to people, your words are precise and accurate and cannot be faulted. When Deacons were to be nominated in the early church, one of the criteria adopted was Truth. They were to seek among them "men of honest report" … i.e. proven men that can be trusted and are reliable (Acts 6:3).

The issue of leadership is so spectacular because it is founded on trust. If people will follow you, they must trust you.Have you won the commendation of people? Can your wife stand for you anywhere? Can your neighbours choose to serve your God as a result of your lifestyle? Can your children aspire to be like you?

Earning trust starts from your attitude to seemingly little things. What is your attitude to the small, seemingly inconsequential things? If you say something is white, will people find it to be so? If you tell your wife you don’t have money, would she take you for your word and not probe any further? If you were to come late from work and she sought to know why, would she believe whatever you tell her? I want you to know that the cord of love is weakened when trust is absent. Walk before your wife and your children in integrity. Be true to your words. Let it be difficult for them to fault your word. Do not call something black when it is actually white. There is something about trust, it takes much energy and commitment to earn but it takes just a little breech to lose it. You might have built trust in the hearts of people for fifty years, and lose it in just five seconds. This brings a crack to your integrity and tarnishes the image that you have built over the years. You will have to pay a severe price to win that trust back.

Don’t forget why you need to be sincere with the so-called little things. You cannot forever hide insincerity; it will someday announce itself. It is just like smoke – can you hide it? There is something about living a dual life, an insincere lifestyle that makes a man lose his rest. You are unsettled because more energy is spent protecting the revelation of truth. In fact, you open up yourself to demonic attacks in the course of doing this. When you are not having peace in your life, then it is a signal that the force that produces peace is inactive in your life- I mean the Person of the Holy Spirit. Be truthful inside-out. Do not keep "skeletons" in your cupboard. Refuse to permit a brief moment of frivolity that can destroy what you have labored for over the years. Resolve today to walk in truth, not only before men but much more before God. Let your conscience be right always. 

Prayer: I pray for the baptism of the Spirit of truth on my life and I make a commitment to painstakingly pursue a life of truth and trustworthiness. So help me God in Jesus’ name. Amen.