Bible in a year: Joshua 7:16-9:2, Luke 16:1-18, Psalm 82:1-8, Proverbs 13:2-3

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Most times when God is bringing something special to you, He brings you some instructions but you must be sensitive to know what the instructions are to hook you to. You need to understand that God starts guiding you through different paths unto your portion right from birth. You must know that there is a divine hand behind every affair of God in your life. When official channels are making demands on your life, be sensitive as this may be the hand of God in disguise to bring you in contact with your portion.

You must fight every anti-destiny attitude such as procrastination, laziness, murmurings, familiarity and so on. Divine allotment doesn’t come as men expect, it comes in disguise. You must build right attitudes that will make you see and position yourself properly for your day. The failures that we encounter on our journey in life are in the areas of dis-alignment of our plans with the plan of God. God is a God of divine arrangement; He arranges our ways and path so that we can enter into our divine rest and portions.

There are two roads you can take in life:  Normal road and Destiny road

There are two types of activities in life for everyone to take: Normal and destiny activities

There are two (2) Lives you can live on this earth: Normal Life and Destiny Life

God will not give you your portion because you prayed for it; He will deliver to you what belongs to you when you are ready to keep and multiply it. One of the things that attract the attention of God to a man is a heart of responsibility. God does not by pass the responsible for divine communication and divine choice. One of the secrets to walking in your portion for life is to grow up in the things of your destiny. Become a man after God’s heart, submit to divine process and you will be tuned to perceive and access your allotment in life.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that what I do naturally will coincide with what God has arranged for me supernaturally. Help me to be at the right place at the right time and walk in the accuracy of divine agenda for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.