Bible in a year: 1 Samuel 10:1-11:15, John 6:43-71, Psalm 107:1-43, Proverbs 15:1-3

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Whoever chooses to break the laws of life only ends up breaking himself. There is therefore serious wisdom in obeying the laws of life to obtain the desired results. We will continue to examine the laws that make marriage work.

Law of CHANGE: Some things must remain constant. Love, honor and respect must not change though body shape and status may change. You must change your mind to accommodate the changes that life will bring to each of you as you grow older.

Law of SPACE: Practice giving each other space regularly. Give yourselves some space by both of you going somewhere on vacation. Let your spouse be alone sometimes. You are married permanently but practice the law of space as this will help you remain fresh and creative.

Law of QUALIFICATION: Every high office has qualifications. In the same way, the position of a husband or wife has qualifications that each must strive to attain to.

Most marriages that need a lot of counseling are marriages of born again people that do not have a Christian marriage and unbelievers that want to have a Christian marriage. Don’t let your spouse enjoy staying outside. You can stay in a wrong marriage for a lifetime but you will be giving wrong templates to your children. Every male starts as a son in a home and grows to become a man, husband and then father. Family headship influences the society in many ways. Marriage is designed for a man that knows God. A man must be in a condition to hear the assignment of God for his family. If a woman finds it difficult to follow a man, there may be error in the choice of marriage partner. If your husband is not spiritual enough, allow him to come under strong leadership and grow. Most marital problems will be solved if there is another person to tell you what to do and both of you agree to obey. Allow the man to be the head that God designed him to be; once you see the head, just follow. The children will be the beneficiary of such headship. The man must ensure that he grows to be a man that is worthy of followership. You are supposed to take your family from glory to glory. 

Prayer: Lord, let your hand rest on my life to become a doer of these principles and get God’s kind of marriage and home in my life. Anoint me for these kingdom patterned experiences in Jesus’ name. Amen.