Bible in a year: 1 Samuel 12:1-13:23, John 7:1-30, Psalm 108:1-13, Proverbs 15:4

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When a man marries wrong, 80% of his life is gone and the same applies to a woman. This is the reason everyone, married or single must pay attention to the laws of marriage.  Do research on them, study more about them and pray them into your life so that you can live them and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Law of GENES and ANCESTRY:  Everybody has capacity in their gene to behave like their ancestry if GOD does not intervene. What breaks the law of the gene is the DNA that we receive in the kingdom through discipleship. If your discipleship is not strong, your ancestry will dominate your home. Marriage does not stop promiscuity if it is in your natural ancestry, but discipleship can. If you violate and react against the laws of the kingdom, you will empower negative ancestral flows in your life.

Law of AGREEMENT: Why do you disagree with your spouse? Can you submit to him? If you can’t submit to your husband, is it an attitude or witchcraft? You don’t need to agree with your spouse emotionally but by knowledge. The ultimate identity of the wife flows from the husband. The power of agreement shuts the enemy out of your affairs and brings your children under supernatural protection.

Law of MULTIPLICATION: "One shall chase a thousand and two shall chase ten thousand." When a man does not carry his wife along, there is a blind side that the devil will be able to hit them from. You are not designed to face each other to fight but to back each other to fight the enemy. The boxing glove is for the enemy. The enemy is outside and not within. Every quarrel in the family empowers the devil against you and your children. Also, when you look together, you will see life in 3600. Your wife will pick the enemy you can’t see in a woman and among your friends. Develop a mutual respect for each other and each other’s views.  However, do not join each other to do evil. 


Law of MINISTRY: Every partner is in ministry and every marriage is a mission for God. Let your children form their opinion about people on their own. Don’t discuss people in their presence especially in the light of the hurts you have received. Hide your wound from your children. Let them see the good side of life. May the Lord prosper your home in Jesus name.

Prayer: Lord, I receive a fresh baptism of the spirit of wisdom to apply the laws of marriage for my good in Jesus’ name. Amen.