Bible in a year: Leviticus 6:1-7:27, Mark 3:7-30, Psalm 37:1-11, Proverbs 10:3-4


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A divine encounter is supposed to be either an open door that ushers you into a realm or brings you to somewhere that causes things to begin to happen to you. The physical things that happen to us in the place of encounter are the least of the operations of God. So, if you don’t give it a thought and go back to it, it will slip away! Paul did not remain at his place of encounter; he moved on from there and went on to become an apostle. God expects us to move on from the place of encounter to the the place of manifestation. Whenever you allow things to limit you after an encounter, you will find yourself coming back to the point of encounter. 

When people get into challenges, they begin to look for the familiar, i.e. what had worked before! Rather you should embrace challenges because God will come up for you in a whole new way. There is more to your life and destiny than what you have seen and heard before. 

No matter who you are, if there is no personal identification with an anointed, (identifying with their pain, with their burden) you have drawn a line to how well your destiny will happen. You must strive to add your labour to the labour of an anointed and your sweat to the sweat of an anointed; that’s how God appointed it.

Don’t be part of the people in a congregation that are not known by name. Those people that stay on the periphery always don’t go on to fulfill God’s destiny for their lives. Don’t be a face in the crowd; do not be in the general zone. Don’t be lost in the crowd. Don’t stop your work in Church till you get to the point that you get to be a direct yoke fellow of the apostle. 

•Move from positional service, to personal service to God. There is always that dimension of your life that you need to focus on as service to the anointed. Your emotions, which are based on how things are around you, must not be allowed to alter the way you feel around God and His anointed. Move on today into purpose and destiny and your life will never remain the same again.

Prayer: Lord, I decide to team up with the anointed in my life to labour with him and share in his pain. I also receive grace to move on into the manifestation side of my life not dwelling only in the place of encounter in Jesus’ name. Amen.