Bible in a year:  1 Chronicles 2:18-4:4, Acts 24:1-27, Psalm 4:1-8, Proverbs 18:16-18

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Don’t let success deceive you that everything you do is correct. God told Nathan thereafter to go and tell David that he had shed too much blood and would not build the house for Him. God said he would give him a son, a man of peace, whom He had chosen and would bless him; he would build the house for Him. There was no house in any kingdom on earth that could compare to the house that Solomon built for God. It was so easy because he was chosen to do it. 

David prepared, but he was not chosen. You may have the materials to achieve something but you may not be chosen to do it. That’s where the anointing comes in. The Pharisees asked Jesus where He got his learning. He didn’t go to their school but he was chosen to be the Messiah. 

You are chosen to do something. Find out what you are chosen to do; find out where you are chosen to be. That is where your anointing in life will be. The wife is not chosen to be the head of a home, it is the husband. So, the wife should not struggle to be the head. She should allow the husband to be the head. She should put all her wisdom, skills and ability under him and make him a fantastic head. God will honour the wife for it. Wives should stop upstaging their husbands.

You may not be chosen for an office but you are chosen for the love of God. You are chosen to be loved. The word “beloved” means you are chosen to be loved of God. When you go to buy bread, the loaf of bread you bring home is not a mistake. You choose the one that you like. Never forget that you are already picked by God; you are chosen by God. He deliberately chose you; you are not a mistake. He chose you! Somebody may not like me but God has chosen me. He chose me to be saved. The Bible says, “He has made us accepted in the beloved.” God chose you for His love!

Prayer: Father, I pray for the baptism of the spirit of understanding and revelation of everything I have been chosen for in life and in destiny. I receive them and walk in them in Jesus name. Amen.