Bible in a year:  1 Chronicles 7:1-8:40, Acts 27:1-20, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 18:22

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David was faithful with his father’s flock. Elisha was faithful washing the clothes of Elijah and pouring water on his hands. The sons of the prophet did not do anything of such. Instead they went about boasting that they were the sons of the prophet and collecting prophet’s offering! When the time came for the double portion of the anointing, God gave it to Elisha who was doing the so-called menial jobs. 

Are you faithful with the gift that God has given you? Are you faithful with the children God has entrusted you with? Are you faithful with the wife or the husband God has given you? Be faithful. Many times when God appears to the people that carry the anointing, what He tells them is “be faithful”. I tell you also, be faithful, run the good race and finish your course. One day, God will say to us “well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Many of us lose our faithfulness because we don’t see immediate results. The issue with God is not “instant” but “constant” – constancy is the issue. Just be constant, be faithful. If He told you to be apastor over three people and you are faithfully leading them to their divine purpose, you are as successful as the man God told to pastor 300,000 people who is also faithfully doing so. In fact, you are more successful than the one that is not doing his own faithfully though he still has a larger congregation. 


Every destiny and anointing has the faithfulness that God seeks for before He rewards it.  There is a faithfulness that God watches out for in mothers in the way they take care of their children.  There is a faithfulness He seeks in parents at the stage in the lives of children when they can’t do anything for their parents. It is easy to be faithful when you know that there is something you can get from doing something. But parents know that when they are labouring over their children, sometimes at the cost of their own health, they are not labouring because the children can give them anything. That is faithfulness! 

Prayer: Lord, I ask for the mindset that judges you faithful in all things at all times. Teach me to live by this constantly so as not lose my faithfulness and the trust of Heaven. Thank you for answered prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen.