Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 31:1-32:27, Luke 12:8-34, Psalm 78:32-55, Proverbs 12:21-23

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When God made man, He gave man a potential to become everything God is without replacing him. One of God's attributes is Leadership. I want you to come to a level in life where you will begin to think more as a leader than just an ordinary person. God created every human being with a leading spirit but not everyone becomes that, rather most people have settled down lesser than God’s expectation. Until you become a leader, or begin to function as a leader, the totality of your destiny cannot be fulfilled.
There are two sides to your life: there is a spiritual side and a physical side. It is what is happening in the spiritual side that determines what happens in the physical side. It is who you are in the spiritual side that determines what you can become in the physical side. Many try to struggle trying to change things in their physical side, because it is the side of our life that people see. Men rate, judge, praise or condemn us based on our physical side, as the case may be. That gives us the erroneous impression that the physical side of our life is the totality or the most important side of our life.

If you read the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel 28, it tells of this spiritual dichotomy that operates in life. The fact that there is a King in the spiritual side and there is a king on the physical side. And who that spiritual King is will determine the nature, the manifestation, the behavior of the physical King. The same thing happens to us as indiduals.
How you handle issues of the kingdom that you belong to in the spirit will determine your manifestation in the physical. You’ve seen some families that they tend to have the same kind of manifestation because the spiritual side that is dominating the family is negative. And then you see some people in the physical side they don’t seem to make much effort and they have great results and positive outcomes. This is because there is something positive working for them or that they are working out on their spiritual side. It is from this understanding that the Lord gave me this equation:
2+x = the answer,
where x is a variable that is determined by the spiritual force working for or against you. Some spiritual forces are either working for you or against you and that is what is determining your outcomes in life.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for grace to adequately harness and work out the Spiritual side of my destiny while I make efforts to be correctly positioned on the physical side. Thank you for helping me in Jesus’ name. Amen.