Bible in a year:  Chronicles 11:1-12:18, Acts 28:1-31, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 19:1-3

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Always go towards the anointed in your life. There are ordinary things in our lives and there are anointed things. There are anointed acts and ordinary acts. Make it your practice to always go to the anointed. Especially when you notice an operation of the devil or you are down.

Two things that are anointed for God’s people

1.General Things: such as coming to Church, reading the Bible, praying, singing worship songs. Every time you sense the devil is bringing an attack on you do anointed things. Praise is anointed, instead of crying or seeking pity from friends just spend time to praise God and worship Him, it brings down an anointing on you to overcome the devil and see the solutions of the Lord. You must understand that people do foolish and crazy things when they are down. Some go to the extent of committing suicide.

2.Things anointed for you personally: Seek to find things in your life that carry the anointing for you. There are things that are anointed for you personally. These are things that will help you in moments of difficulty and battles. Never despise the anointing or the anointed.

Instead of going to an unbeliever uncle to counsel you on your marital challenges, go to the anointed. See your pastor whom God has anointed for you. Never get familiar with the anointed in your life. It is part of the strategy of the devil to move you into the zone of defeat. 


Make it your practice to do anointed acts when you sense an attack of the enemy around you. God could anoint Psalm 91 for you personally that whenever you read it an anointing comes upon your life. Treasure it and read it out and loud every time. Praying in the spirit is anointed and it births the anointing in your life. Let not your head lack oil. Let God envelope you in the cocoon of the anointing as you live out your life and destiny. It shall be well with you in Jesus name.

Prayer: Lord, I bring my life under the anointing of my destiny; I connect to every act and things anointed for me from the Lord. I will be awake and aware of this flow in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.