TAKING THE WINGS OF THE MORNING (2) - PSALM 139:9-10; COL. 3:1-2; MATT. 6:32-33

Bible in a year: Exodus 26:1-27:21, Matthew 25:1-30, Psalm 31:1-8, Proverbs 8:1-11

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We will continue with the subject that we started looking at yesterday. This subject is an experience that God wants us to draw into our lives strongly and intelligently.

7.Taking the wings of the morning means that God is saying you should seek higher things. There is something higher than your career; it is your calling. There is something higher than what the world offers you; it is what God offers you. There are some things that are higher than the mundane pursuits of life, they are the things that pursuing God offers you. 

8.Taking the wings of the morning means that you raise your thoughts and visions higher. Many people may live for ordinary clothes, but you as a child of God must raise yourself higher than that. Many people may live for ordinary favour of men, but you must raise yourself higher than that, to the level of faith and relevance with God.

9.Taking the wings of the morning means that you fly swiftly to today’s opportunities. Opportunities will not wait for you to get ready; opportunities are maximize by only those who live ready. It is when opportunities meet with preparation that destiny happens. It means that when the day breaks, God is saying to you, rise up swiftly to fresh opportunities. You must never allow your memory to be greater than your vision. The moment a man’s memory is greater than his vision, his speed begins to slow down gradually until he finally stops moving. People that make it in life and destiny are people whose visions always exceed their memory. 

10.Taking the wings of the morning means that you lock the door on negative yesterdays and open the door to a brighter tomorrow. The devil likes to build monuments around failure, disappointment, and discouragement. Do not allow him.

11.Taking the wings of the morning means taking heed to the early hours of the day and early years of your life when you can still do more before the wear and tear of life begin to catch up with you. 

12.Taking the wings of the morning means that no matter how bad yesterday was, you wake up the following day, not to retire, but to re-fire. A new day comes with opportunities to do something that will cancel the deficit of yesterday and a season for you to start afresh.

13.Taking the wings of the morning means that you rise and wake up early. Some people fail in life because they sleep too much. The Bible gives us examples of people rising up early to carry out definite divine instruction.

Some decisions require that you step out very early in the morning, or early in your life. If God gives you a revelation, or you got an idea, it is best for you to start attacking it very early in the morning. Rise up early, put in the hours that will make things work into the day, set the tone at which things are to run in your family or at your work place. 

Prayer: Father, I receive grace to make the right use of my morning, to seek and to pursue the higher things of eternal value and relevance in Jesus’ name. Amen.