Bible in a year:  1 Chronicles 19:1-21:30, Romans 2:25-3:8, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 19:10-12

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I want to establish here today that you existed before you were born and you will still exist after death. Appointment took place before you were born; responsibility is what is demanded from you here on earth based on your appointment while after death everyone will give account for his works. You can transfer your responsibility but you cannot and can never transfer your accountability. If the Church has assigned you to clean the facilities and you have transferred the responsibility to your house help or friends, whatever happens to the facilities will be your duty to give account. Destiny is what you are appointed to accomplish here and you must definitely give account after now. Every believer must live conscious of the fact that we will give account for all our doings here and that calls for a mindset of a high level of responsibility.

At various junctions of your destiny journey, you must know when to separate from others and continue with your pre-ordained path and steps. There are times that you will be on a generally right road of destiny but God could move you from the generally right things of the Kingdom to the specific right things of your destiny. For instance, you may be doing ministry and God separates you to the teaching ministry demanding a higher level of sacrifice. Every one of us must be sensitive to the moments when God starts separating you from the generally right things to the specific things of your destiny; embrace it and move on.

After salvation, one of the critical tools of destiny that God works into our hearts is accuracy. This is one of the things we come to learn in Church through discipleship. As God works accuracy in your hearts, it makes your decisions on the things of destiny to be accurate. Don’t stumble into your destiny but take time to find it out. If you stumble in, there is a danger that you may likewise stumble out. When you take time to find out, it helps you not to fulfil an alternative destiny and major on the minor.

Prayer: Lord, I receive the baptism of accuracy in my journey unto destiny. Lord, help me to discover what I have been appointed to do here on the earth in this season of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.