Bible in a year: Ruth 2:1-4:22, John 4:43-54, Psalm 105:16-36, Proverbs 14:26-27

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The devil as a merchant of sorrow will always attack what God put in place to make you better. If you are married and your marriage is not good, you are not a sound human being. You can always make your marriage work by going back to the maker.

A man will fail if he did not allow his wife to function as help. Your wife is a completion of your spirit. If you don’t treat your spouse correctly, your marriage will suffer and such women or men will function lesser than planned. It is better to stay single than marry and not work out the marriage well. A person in a wrong marriage is lesser than a single person.

Better means superior, greater, and stronger than singleness except when such a single person has the gift of celibacy. Celibacy is as supernatural as working of miracles. There is no school of celibacy, hence, it is not a thing to learn or desire; it is only given supernaturally by God.

In understanding the Laws of marriage, there are basic things you must know.

•Life already operates by laws. Like the law of money which is a law of exchange. Only a thief collects something without giving something in exchange.

•We cannot break the laws of life; we only break ourselves when we try to.

•You cannot choose the rules of the game; you can only choose the game. You inherit the rules of the game by that choice. Your birth by God has choice inherited for you. As you grow, you are responsible for the rules accompanying the choices you make. You must remember that the laws of life don’t threat violation kindly.


So many homes end in divorce and chaos today because they violate the conditions that the maker already set for marriage. If we must live blissfully in our homes and become better, then we must embrace the laws of marriage, understand it and live by it. May your home be a heaven on earth and may it be a place for raising Kingdom generals for your generation in Jesus’ name.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for the understanding to operate my home according to your standards and laws in Jesus’ name. Amen.