Bible in a year: Genesis 20:1-22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22

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What divine instruction from God are you currently obeying? Is there any instruction that you are sure you received from God and you are actively obeying? I want you to remember that divine instructions connect you to divine doings. At the end of your divine instructions are the doings of the Lord. If you will trigger the doings and works of God in your life, then you must have an instruction from God that you are obeying and abiding by. Many times divine instructions don’t seem sensible but obeying the seemingly insensible is what preserves you from satanic destruction and entrapments.

God’s work stops where your obedience stops and starts at the point of your obedience. Obeying a divine instruction may not seem exciting but when you obey, you kick-start a process of God’s doings which might not be evident at the onset and that is why many people review their instructions and become tempted to stop obeying just at the point of manifesting what God was working out in them.

You must stay true to the instructions you have from God even though it might not seem that God had started work but as you obey, God will meet you on the way. He is never late. I always tell you, it’s like you getting on top of a diving board and God says “dive into a swimming pool without water in it and I will fill it with water before you land.” Your obedience to God and trust in His faithfulness will move God into action. The children of Israel would have thought that Moses planned to drown them. He told them to go forward and they had to step into the water before it parted. God honored their obedience with his awesome doings. The reason many people have not experienced the doings of the Lord is because of disobedience or incomplete obedience. The truth is that every instruction contains a risk, but that is God’s test for you to see if you qualify for a divine doing. Peter stepped out of the boat into the water and he walked on water because God met him on the way of his obedience. Beloved, at the end of every divine instruction is a doing of God. If you will qualify for God’s workings and doings, go back to that neglected instruction and commit yourself to obeying further instructions and you will see the ripple dimension of the doings of God in your life.

Prayer: Lord, baptize me with a heart of obedience to divine instructions that I will be a man well instructed in Jesus’ name. Amen.