Bible in a year: Joshua 13:1-14:15, Luke 18:1-17, Psalm 85:1-13, Proverbs 13:7-8

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The two strongest forces in the universe are:

• The will of God.

• The will of a man.

No matter how strong the devil is, he is not as strong as your will. God himself is not going to violate your will, though He is stronger than your will but He has chosen not to violate human will. If God will not violate your will nor force your will, there is no devil strong enough to force your will. This is like having a little well trained child, that child can keep evil at bay even though he is not born again. That is why you often find children of very strict disciplinarian parent grow into their adult years still keeping their purity. Many of them marry as virgins, male and female, without being born again. The instructions and coaching instilled in them by their parents brought them to a place that the devil could not manipulate their will. 

The devil doesn’t have the power to force you to do anything. So if you ever found somebody say the devil made me do a particular thing, that is a lie because the devil cannot make you do anything but the devil can only persuade you to do it if your will is not strong enough. The Bible says train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he won’t depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

If you carry a special call and you are not aware of whom you are, the devil will take you serious. Whether you take yourself serious or not, he will take you serious enough to call a meeting concerning you. In the book of Act 19:15, a demon said to the 7 sons of Sceva "Paul I know, Jesus I know, but who are you?" So it means if you are a carrier of a calling or a special destiny into the world, the devil will know about you.

Make sure you don’t expose yourself to atmosphere and materials that can bring demonic spirits on you. Whatever makes you do something contrary to your will is a demonic attack. The simple solution is to go for deliverance ministration. May the Lord depend on you to take charge of your will and birth divine moves and programs on the earth in Jesus’ name.

Prayer: Lord, help me to form the right foundation of truth within me before I meet the devil waiting for my manifestation in life. I will be righteously bold with the truth of your word and guard my heart in Jesus’ name. Amen.