Bible in a year: Joshua 15:1-63, Luke 18:18-43, Psalm 86:1-17, Proverbs 13:9-10

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It is possible to carry a special call from God and not be aware of whom you are and what you are carrying. This is a very dangerous situation and if that describes you, you could be in a number of positions; 


•Y ou could be in the state where the devil is already arranging the circumstances that will govern your future

•You could possibly have entered into the arrangement of the devil already, i.e you have made choices that are irreversible like marriage, job placement or some other choices that play a key role in your fulfilment of destiny. Some of these choices may be reversible while others are not. Don’t let satan get the awareness of your destiny ahead of you, hence he will hijack it and manipulate it.

The equation of safety as a carrier of special destiny is 


The first law in heaven is Do as He wills and the first law in hell is Do as you (man) will. You are not safe as you progress in life until you apply due restrictions to your life and have respect for the authority figure that is responsible for those restrictions.

The first thing if you are going to make it in carrying a great destiny is to know who you are; find out who you are under God very early by all means. Who you are will determine what you can do, it doesn’t matter what people call you; what matters is the name you answer to. Always answer to the voice of God's Spirit inside you. If Samson was aware that he was the only saviour of Israel in his day, he would have recognized Delilah for who she was, with the kind of questions she was asking him. When you know who you are, such thought governs your behaviour but forgetting who you are is the beginning of failure and that was what cost Samson his life.

What God says about you and what God says to you are equally important for you to as there will be some people in your life that can hear God on your behalf before you learn to hear God for yourself. God spoke to David concerning Solomon been enthroned as king, God said I will give you a son that will be a man of peace to build my temple, you have waged war too much. David communicated that to Solomon. What has been communicated to you about your call and destiny and what are you doing about it?

Prayer: Lord, I receive the awareness of who I am in destiny, I terminate all satanic hindrances around my life in any form, shape and manner in Jesus’ name. Amen.