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Finally, for this month on prayer, I will show you the power of praying pre-emptively. Preemptive prayer is a tool that God gives to the believer to unlock the future. The believer that does not engage in preemptive prayer has no future as evil will catch up with them suddenly. But the one that has projected ahead with the Holy Spirit, the master of tomorrow, is the one that will dominate tomorrow and walk in peace. 

Most of the prayers that people pray nowadays, they do so only when evil starts knocking on the door or when something negative is happening. Isaac prayed for Rebecca after waiting for a child for twenty years. In Genesis 25:21, Isaac entreated of the Lord for his wife. Hannah went to Shiloh after waiting years for a child, she was simply barren. She prayed wholeheartedly out of a bitter spirit and of a sorrowful heart before the Lord at Shiloh. In 2 Kings 20, three nations came against Jehoshaphat. He rallied the people; they fasted and God came through for them due to preemptive prayers.

Preemptive prayer is the tool that God gave to the believer to dominate the future; to be in charge at the time the enemy is banking on catching you unawares. God is never late. It is the devil that comes too late because through preemptive prayers, you get solutions ahead of problems. When the problem comes, the solution just swallows it and it erases the work of the enemy totally. But when people don’t do preemptive prayers, they meet their negative and most of the time, the negative is stronger than the power they are carrying and it swallows them up or destabilizes them to their hurt.

Lord, I speak into the future, that there will be a divine alignment to your plan, purpose and will for me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Bible in a year: Daniel 7:1-28, 1 John 1:1-10, Psalm 119:153-176, Proverbs 28:23-24