Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 5:1; 6:25, Luke 7:11-35, Psalm 68:19-35, Proverbs 11:29-31

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Today we will be considering some basic guidelines to supernatural living.

 1. Don’t do anything that will cause the supernatural to be lifted off your life: Samson (Judges 16: 20-21). When the supernatural enters your life, it enters with signs and noise but when it departs, it does so silently. Develop yourself enough to pick divine things on time. 

2. Find out the things that will trigger the supernatural in your life: (Exodus 34:28-30. Please read). 

Taking time out to stay in God's presence always yields rewards. Your Bible is your best friend in the spirit. Don’t stay in places where people mock the spiritual things in your life. No minister that criticizes what another minister is saying under God in the anointing goes on to reach the height of his destiny. 

3. You cannot go far disobeying God; it only takes one act of disobedience to lose out in destiny. Don’t ever cross lines with the Spirit of God. He is only gentle with the children of God, so don’t let Him turn against you (2 Kings 13:14-17). Don’t do anything to cause the hands of God to be lifted off your own hands. His hand on yours is the key to victory in life.

4. Generosity with your time and personal things (time, talents, and abilities, energy...) to God. If you consider the cost of obedience (time, effort, comfort, money) to God, you will miss Him.

5.  Partnership with the Supernatural: This involves your Sonship, Service, and Seed. Do all the three in an atmosphere of the covenant with an attitude of honour. 

6. Your Efforts: This is what translates the supernatural blessings into physical tangible things in your life. It moves you from being an observer to becoming a partaker of the moves of God. So, the question to ask is what effort am I supplying to the supernatural dealings of God in my life to birth divine outcomes?

Prayer: Lord, I receive an obedient heart and a willing mind to follow divine instructions that yield the results of the supernatural for my profit and progress in life and in destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen.