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Form the habit of the wise as you pursue wisdom. Follow the wise and learn their ways and you will not make the error of fools. We shall continue considering the functions of wisdom.

1. The wise gather in summer. Prov.10:5. To gather in summer is to act when it is critical. There is a time to gather favor, assistance, resources and information. Wise people know how to gather while the foolish only know how to spend what is gathered and sleep through harvest.

2. Wise people receive commandment. Prov10:8. Commandments are non-negotiable directives.

3. Wise people lay up knowledge.Prov10:14.They have a library, tapes, take notes and keep records. They pursue information and then gather it. Start accumulating your own library. Keep track of the notes you have been making for a period of time. You must understand that part of your wealth are the resources you have in your library. Someone said writing makes an exact man. Pile up knowledge, gather it and track it. Don’t just store knowledge but store in a way that it will be easy to retrieve. Spiritual communications are slippery and it must be trapped with your pen and notebook.

4. The wise love rebuke. Prov. 9:8, Prov. 15:12, 31-32. The rebuke of the wise makes him excellent. Wise people leave a scorner to himself. Every wise man will give people that matter around them the chance to tell him what is on their mind, a wise man loves rebuke. All these will make the wise man better. Reproof leads to understanding. Those who hate rebuke are given over to themselves. You should have as a principle that you will not be corrected over a matter twice.

The key to success is when you want to be right and this is one of the things that allow a wise man to accept rebuke and value corrections when it is given.


Our lives are a product of our habits. Start building the habits of the wise today. Identify every wise person God has placed around you and follow their actions.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for grace to build the habits of the wise and follow after men of wisdom you have positioned in my life. I take authority over every spirit of folly in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Isaiah 45:11-48:11, Ephesians 4:1-16, Psalm 68:19-35, Proverbs 24:3-4